AKRON, OHIO (January 23, 2019) — Towpath Trail High School, an Oakmont Education dropout recovery school, opened its brand new Career Tech Wing. The new 5,000-square-foot wing allows the school to offer certified industry credentials in healthcare, construction, manufacturing and information technology. More than 50 community members, small business owners and stakeholders attended the event. 

Targeting a population of students who have educational needs that have not been met, Towpath Trail High School provides alternative opportunities for non-traditional students, also known as opportunity youth. Focusing on providing new opportunities for high school aged, non-traditional students, Towpath Trail High School provides students with an opportunity to learn in a way that is best suited for their needs while also helping the community receive greater contributions from their adult citizens by way of filling in-demand jobs and identifying employment opportunities.   

“The training that is now available at the Towpath Trail High School will put students on the path to earn a living wage,” said Dr. Jerry Farley, Executive Director of Career Tech at Oakmont. “By working with the local community, we are also able to close the skills gap and help local companies and small businesses access to a qualified workforce.” 

The career technical education program offers students career pathways, real world experience and the opportunity to earn industry credentials. Additionally, the students who enroll at Towpath Trail High School receive a nationally-accredited high school diploma. 

“Our new Career Tech program gives our students an additional pathway to graduation and an opportunity to graduate from high school with the skills, experience and certifications necessary to achieve immediate success in the workforce,” said Brian Vannest, Towpath Trail High School director.

Notable guests in attendance at the event include: Steve Millard, President & CEO of Greater Akron Chamber; and Ron McDaniel, Chairman of the School Board. 

The Towpath Trail High School is nationally accredited by AdvancED and currently has 500 students enrolled and provides a tuition-free education with flexible scheduling and childcare availability.