MIDDLETOWN, OHIO (April 18, 2019) – Dr. John Richard, superintendent for the Ohio Department of Education (DOE), visited Marshall High School to learn how this dropout recovery school is exceeding state standards and expanding not only its physical location, but also its career technical certification offerings. While on campus, Dr. Richard spent several hours touring with student ambassadors, meeting with staff and observing classrooms.

Dr. Richard enjoyed speaking with a wide variety of students who were excited to have a new visitor and eager to share their own personal stories. He gained insight into the school’s unique make-up of students with vastly different backgrounds, but all sharing the common theme that they had been given up on or forgotten at some point in their educational journey.

Noah, a senior set to graduate this June, was the lead student ambassador who showed Dr. Richard around the school. The two engaged in meaningful discussions about Noah’s journey, his struggles and what finally enabled him to see promise in his future. In addition to earning his diploma in June, Noah will also be leaving with nationally recognized construction certifications and a job placement.

Noah achieved his construction certifications through the school’s Career Technical Education program, an innovative academic model that focuses on hands-on training, industry credentialing and job placement.

“Aside from Noah’s academic accomplishments and job placement, he now has hope for his future, which is the crucial goal we have for all of our students,” said Dr. Jerry Farley, Executive Director of Career Technical Education at Oakmont Education, the managing entity that operates Marshall High School and other dropout recovery schools in the region.

Oakmont Education prides itself on transparency and authenticity. Keeping in line with the managing group’s convention, Marshall High School did not prepare its students for visitors in the building, allowing for genuine conversation and the ability for Dr. Richard to observe students in their natural, day-to-day environment and routine.

Marshall High School is a nationally accredited school with 295 students enrolled. Oakmont Education welcomes future visits to showcase the successes of its staff and students at Marshall High School and any of its 10+ dropout recovery schools.