Changing lives and communities through dropout recovery

Across the U.S., approximately 7,000 students drop out of high school every day. What happens next? Do they secure jobs? Begin earning a sustainable living wage? For the 6.7 million designated as opportunity youth, the answer is no. That’s why Oakmont Education has developed a proven dropout recovery model that helps break this cycle with a genuine support network, individualized hands-on education and skills-based job training.


How is dropout recovery different from prevention?

Oakmont manages 10+ state-designated dropout recovery schools with 95 percent of our student population qualifying as opportunity youth, nearly double the current state requirement. Unlike dropout prevention programs that tailor to engaged students who need to get back on track, Oakmont serves those who have been out of the public school system for so long that they don’t know how to recover.

Who are opportunity youth?

From surviving below the poverty level to parenting their own children to trying to move past prior criminal records, opportunity youth must overcome a myriad of hurdles in order to succeed. Ages 16–24 and not currently enrolled in school or employed, opportunity youth face challenges like:

  • Reads at a 5th grade level at age 18
  • 24% have a documented disability
  • Enroll with only 6 of 20 credits needed to graduate
  • 270+ are teen parents to at least one child
  • 95% qualify for free or reduced lunches
  • Attended at least two previous high schools

Person-first approach

Many of our students haven’t succeeded in traditional schooling for a reason. That’s why Oakmont takes a student-first approach to education.

Our Vision

Our vision is to change lives and positively impact our communities by transforming under-resourced opportunity youth into responsible, educated and skilled contributors to society.

Our growing footprint

Oakmont is in active growth mode and excited to take our proven model into new school districts. You can check out our interactive map showing what schools we operate and where they are.

Passionate leadership

Partner with Oakmont, and benefit from a leadership team that is educated, transparent and deeply invested in their work.

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