We empower our students to achieve

Oakmont dropout recovery schools serve students who have been out of the public school system for so long they often don’t know how to recover on their own. We respect and honor that opportunity youth need a deeper support network than traditional public school students. We serve our students as people first, empowering them to achieve academic success on their own terms.

What does “person-first” mean?

When we say, “person-first,” we are referring to our unique ability to help address each student’s needs from personal and academic perspectives. Oakmont schools provide:

  • Flexible, individualized, self-paced scheduling
  • Onsite family advocates (licensed social workers)
  • Dedicated retention officers
  • Free lunch and breakfast for all students
  • Data-driven decision-making by all stakeholders
  • Skills-based career technical training in a variety of in-demand fields

The wonderful teachers and other staff members at Towpath absolutely changed my life. I found out quite a bit about myself along this long, hard journey. The amount of gratitude I have for the people there is not easily expressed. Starting at Towpath was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. — Jacob Yoakam, Student, Towpath Trail High School

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