Empowering students to thrive

Approximately 7,000 high school students drop out every single day. Oakmont aims to re-engage these opportunity youth through our innovative, career-driven academic model.

Flexible, individualized, self-paced learning

Oakmont’s comprehensive academic model provides an individualized, self-paced program that is responsive to each student’s needs. We utilize a rigorous digital curriculum that aligns with state standards and offers components that allow teachers to differentiate instruction to address diverse student needs. We provide a truly unique blend of classroom instruction and hands-on work experience that results in students earning nationally recognized industry credentials – and more.

Career Technical Education program

Oakmont offers five Career Technical Education pathways that provide real world experience and the ability to earn nationally recognized industry credentials in a variety of fields. This training empowers graduates to earn a sustainable living wage in high-demand careers – without college debt. What’s more, this career-based model helps close the skills gap and enable local businesses to access the qualified workforce they need. Pathways include:


Students complete essential medical training while working toward earning industry credentials, including: State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA), Certified Patient Care Technician, Certified EKG Technician and more.


The CDA is a National Credential awarded to professionals who have learned the essential skills needed for working with young children. It’s a significant accomplishment and great option for anyone planning on starting a career in early childhood education.


By combining hands-on experience working on residential construction projects along with industry credential training, Oakmont students enter the construction workforce at an advantage, ready to build on the skills they’ve already learned.


Students choosing the Manufacturing pathway are taught the skills necessary for the completion of the Certified Production Technician (CPT) certification, which addresses the core technical competencies higher skilled production workers need in all sectors of manufacturing.


The IT Pathway prepares students for the Microsoft Office certification, giving them real-world exercises to appraise their ability to command the full features of Microsoft Office and preparing them for future academic or workforce opportunities.

I am just so excited to offer these students the opportunity to not only earn their high school diploma, but also to be certified in a career path. — Principal Chuck Hall, Marshall High School

Our Career Tech program not only helps our students achieve success. It also helps local businesses meet their goals. Learn how.