Helping opportunity youth helps the community

Re-engaging opportunity youth empowers those in need to make real and lasting changes in their lives. However, the impact has a far greater reach. Dropout recovery schools help bring a range of enhancements to their surrounding communities.

Substantial economic impact

A single opportunity youth costs taxpayers $292,000 over a lifetime. For Oakmont’s current network alone, re-engaging these individuals presents a potential of $584 million to save or reinvest.

Improved graduation rates

Dropout recovery schools help increase the graduation rates of public schools that would otherwise absorb these students into their dropout numbers. This improves the school district’s overall rating and the community’s perception of their school district.

Diverse local workforces

Oakmont’s innovative Career Technical Training produces graduates each year that fill high-demand positions local businesses need to remain in the community. From manufacturing to healthcare to IT and more, we help local businesses stay local.

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