Join our network of local businesses

Oakmont partners with local businesses and organizations to provide hands-on, career-driven training to our students as they earn nationally recognized credentials in a variety of industries. This innovative Career Technical Education program helps prepare opportunity youth to earn a sustainable living wage, while also benefiting businesses from the following industries: Healthcare, Child development, Construction, Manufacturing and Information technology.

Keep local businesses local

Our Career Tech program helps communities build diverse, skilled workforces that allow small and medium businesses to access the skill-based talent they need to remain where they are. This is becoming an even more critical need as more and more Baby Boomers are aging out of these positions.

Fill high-demand positions

Oakmont schools produce graduates each year that fill high-demand positions. Many major economic sectors are struggling to find local workers with the skills-based qualifications they require. Oakmont’s Career Tech program is helping to address this need and replenish the talent pool in the areas we serve.


will require an associate's degree or an industry credential


of Associated Builders & Contractors report a shortage of skilled labor.

million manufacturing jobs in the next decade will open up. The current workforce can only fill 2 million.

Get involved

From donating machinery and equipment to training student apprentices on your job site, there are many ways you can partner with Oakmont. Your involvement helps change the lives of our students, while helping you fill a business need.

Thanks to Our Generous Partners

Oakmont currently partners with an incredible group of knowledgeable and passionate small businesses that help make 
an impact in our communities. We appreciate the time and talent they dedicate to our students through Career Tech 
collaborations. Thanks for making this innovative learning model possible!

Contact Oakmont to discuss how our Career Tech program can align with your business goals.