We Make Partnerships Easy

Oakmont is a full-service education management company with the resources you need to ensure the highest performing and most efficient schools designed specifically for opportunity youth. For both authorizers and school boards, we provide a supportive network and operational excellence you can trust.


Expert financial management

Oakmont implements comprehensive financial management services to help our schools get up and running and continue to thrive. We offer services to assist with:

  • Provisions for capital needs prior to generating cash flow
  • Physical facilities and any related build-out required for operation
  • Necessary technology (hardware and software) and implementation
  • All human resources and human resource management services
  • All information management and reporting to the school board and Department of Education (DOE)
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Dedicated human resources

We provide full human resources (HR) services to all network schools, including a complete benefits package for eligible school staff. To help ensure excellence, we have developed a state-endorsed performance management tool that provides formal feedback and goal-setting for all levels of the school team. We aim to work collaboratively with our employees and stakeholders to support their professional goals and growth.

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Enrollment, retention and growth

Oakmont supports all of our network schools with individualized school branding, marketing, recruitment and enrollment support, as well as social media and digital marketing campaigns. In a turbulent and transient enrollment environment, we have steadily increased enrollment at all schools in our network. This is in part due to our commitment to transparency and data-driven decision-making. All Oakmont schools utilize a fully customized dashboard, Enrollstream, to make data-driven decisions regarding enrollment, retention and growth forecasting.

High-performing schools

With our innovative academic model and person-first approach, Oakmont has the right formula in place to successfully re-engage opportunity youth. Our recent state report card scores speak for themselves.


“Working with Oakmont has been very positive. The communication paired with the transparency that is needed for the school board to function at its best has been remarkable.” — Jessica Hricovec, Board President, Liberty High School

“From meeting all regulatory requirements to ensuring schools improve both academic and financial performance, Oakmont is a quality charter school operator.” — Dave L. Cash, President, Charter School Specialists, Leading State-wide Ohio Authorizer

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